Products Overview

Our “Team Blue” consisting of more than 300 people, dedicated to bringing into market the Corn/ Maize derivatives that our wide range of customers (direct & indirect) depend on every day.

We provide a wide variety of ingredients solutions to customers in more than 20 diverse industries around the country, including Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Corrugating, Paper, Textiles, LetherTaning, Animal feed, Health &Wellness Etc.

Our Product Range

  1. Maize Starch
  2. Liquid Glucose
  3. Malto Dextrin
  4. Maize Gluten
  5. Maize Germ
  6. Maize FineFiber
  7. Maize Enriched Fiber (Dry)

Industry & Application based bifurcation

Paper Application :
Widely used in paper industry to give strength, surface fuzz and stiffness to paper. It is used to improve the writing and printing characteristics of all paper stationeries.

Textile Application :
Used to strengthen warp yarn and to improve resistance to abrasion while weaving. Also used to increase consistency in back filling improves the stiffness of the weave.

Pharmaceutical Application :
Its used as a compressing agent in tablet manufacturing. Free from microbial bacteria, Corn starch is also used as a dusting agent in manufacturing of Surgical gloves.

Adhesive Application :
It’s used as an adhesive in pigmented coating for paper board and thereby improving the appearance of the paper by giving he required glossiness.

Bakery Products :
Gives the necessary body, bulk and the sweetness to different bakery products. The hygroscopic properties impart longevity and freshness to its products.

Leather Application :
Liquid glucose imparts glossiness, fineness and optimum weightage to leather goods.

Ice Creams and Froze Desserts Application :
DMH lowers the freezing point in order to give a soft, creamy texture, and pleasant taste to its products. It has a unique ability to increase the solid substance of the product without unduly increasing the sweetness and hence improves the flavor of the product.

Industrial Application :
Widely used in manufacturing of antibiotics such as streptomycin, refampicin. Also used in manufacturing of Sorbitol, mannitol and gluconates.

Other Application :
It is used as a moisture holding agent in breads and as a dispersing agent in instant drink concentrates.