Maize starch:

Corn is one of the main sources of commercially produced starch which is the most important source of carbohydrates in the human diet.

Chemically, starch is a carbohydrate. It is a polymer comprising of a range of molecular sizes. The basic mononumeric unit is Danhydroglucose. The two basic types of polymers present are Amylose and amylopectins. Amylose is a linear polymer in which essentially all of the Anhydroglucose units are linked through 1, 4-a glucosidic bonds. Amylopectins have a highly branched structure. They are larger polymers than Amylose. Starch is essentially a group of carbohydrates known as Polysaccharides i.e. multiple molecules of sugar. It is a mixture of two polysaccharides, Amylose (10-20%) and Amylopectin (80-90%). Maize starch®, in its native and modified form is used extensively in the food, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, adhesive and a host of other industries. Starch is also modified to suit the individual user requirements and hence known as chemical starches. Maize starch can also be converted into a range of starch derivatives such as Liquid Glucose,Dextrose Monohydrate,Dextrose Anhydrous, Maltodextrin, Sorbitol etc.

Industry & Its Applications:
  1. Food Industry : Biscuit, Hotels , Bakery -Maize starch is used for food industry.
  2. Textile : Used as a binder for all cotton related textiles – Modified starch is used for textile industry & paper industry.
  3. Paper Industry : Binding agent ( Depending on fibers , we use 2 to3 modified starches).