Maize germs:

This is valuable by-product being rich in oil. It has a pleasant nutty taste when fresh but can quickly become rancid if not treated within a short time after milling. Its main value is in the oil which can be extracted or it can be used as animal feed without oil extraction. For economical oil extraction the germ should have maximum moisture content of 2-3% avoid formation of free fatty acids during storage. Whole germ with undamaged cells is less susceptible to formation of free fatty acid. A minimum fat content of 14% is also required. Germ should be dried to a maximum of 4%-5% moisture for lengthy storage. It is important that germ is cooled following drying and prior to binning. The oil yield drops with extended storage prior to the expellers.

Industry & Its Applications:
  1. Poultry Feed
  2. Cattle Feed
  3. Cooking Oil
  4. Pet Food
  5. Bio Diesel
  6. Insecticides
  7. Printing Ink